Saturday, February 18, 2012

Picture Prompt Linky Party!!

Do you use picture prompts in your classroom? Would you like to start using picture prompts in your classroom? Well Selina Smith from Classroom Magic and I have partnered up to bring you some of the BEST picture prompts!!

Picture prompts are great for quick writes, morning activities, story starters, time-fillers and much more! I use them either first thing in the morning during our breakfast period (my students eat breakfast in the classroom during a 30 minute period). Or, I use them right after lunch (so that I can set up for the math period....especially if I had a million things going on at lunch and ran out of time to set up for the next lesson). And lets be honest, sometimes things come up and you need something "quick and easy" to keep your students busy engaged! Picture prompts can be photocopied and laminated for center/workshop activities, they can be used as homework assignments, you can also use them for mini formative assessments. I usually project them from the SMART board, but if you dont have one, you could also use a traditional projector or a portable projector that connects to your laptop/computer (I used that last year and created my own version of a SMART board!). Here are some great picture prompts to get you started!

1. Paste/drag your image into a blank page (its easier when you don't use a preset format).
2. Create a frame using the option to insert a shape. After choosing your shape, drag the shape over your image (you will not be able to see your image again until after you complete step 4).
3. Use Quickstyles to choose the type of frame you prefer ( a solid, a frame, and color choice).
4. Click on "Arrange", choose "send to back". You can play with it to get it to look the way you want.
5. Insert text using a text box.
6. Once you are satisfied save the document as a picture.

You can then insert the prompt into your blog post as an image. Feel free to ask any questions.

If you use picture prompts, or if you are inspired to create a few, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to join our Picture Prompt Linky Party!!!
 This is how it works:
1. Write a short post sharing your picture prompts.
2. Post our Picture Prompt Linky Party Image on your blog post, and link it back to this post.
3. Link up below.
4. And leave your Pinterest link below. If you are not on Pinterest, please leave your email address and we can add you. Once you have been added, feel free to come back and leave us your Pinterest link and we will add you to the collaborative board.

Please remember that in order to be added to our collaborative Pinterest board, you must follow us both: Classroom Magic @  
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OH, and this is the BEST part of it all...... If you link up with us, we will add your picture prompt to our ebook that will be offered to all of a Facebook friends, blog buddies, Twitter friends.....and to just about any one on the web who comes across it!!!! Please make sure that whatever contact information you want shared is posted somewhere on your picture prompt!!

We look forward to reading your picture prompts and adding them to our Pinterest Board!!!


  1. Fun idea! I've never tried to link to a party, but may try this one!

  2. I just entered your linky party! I love it!
    Thanks for hosting!

    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies on Pinterest

  3. Love this idea!! Just linked mine!! These are so great! Thanks for doing this!

  4. Oops my email for pinterest board...

  5. Super fun idea! It's my first "official linky party"!! Wahoo!


  6. Thanks for hosting this party. I am getting some great writing ideas for my fifth and sixth graders.

  7. my pinterest email is and my page is That was fun!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  8. Hi Brian, you should link up! There are so many great contributors! Did you check out the Pinterest board yet! There are over 100 prompts posted!

    Lorraine, I loved your pics! thanks for joining us!

    Ann Marie and Addie, we finally got you added to the board! Thanks for joining, I enjoyed reading your prompts!

    Mary Baur, there are sooooooo many writing ideas! I can't wait until we compile the ebook! Be sure to check back mid March for your copy! Love the prompts, thanks for linking up!

    Krissy, I just started following you on both your blog and Pinterest....of course Pinterest is acting up and won't let me add you at the moment but I will try back in a little bit. Thanks for joing us, I love your pics!

  9. This is such a great idea! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! And I LOVE the Katniss reaping prompt! In fact, I had my original & didn't know if a Hunger Games prompt would be appropriate, but when I saw that I thought, "Awesome!" and added the Peeta prompt. :) Thanks again to you & Selena! -Tracee

  10. great idea, ladies - here's mine

  11. Such an awesome idea! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  12. Love this Linky Party! Thanks for the opportunity to participate. My pinterest is

    Mrs. Lyon's Blog - Teaching: The Art of Possibility

  13. I love this idea! Thank you for organizing this. My pinterest is:


  14. I have begun implementing a new oral language time in the morning with my kinders.
    I display a photo every morning. As the kids come in they can sit with a partner and talk about what they see and what they think is going on in the picture. I love the conversations that go on!! Kids are using high level vocabulary and are always excited to see the new picture of the day :0) Thanks!!

  15. Thanks for sharing Jeannie! That is great : )

  16. Kathie,

    Thank you for collaborating with me on this project! Writing to a picture prompt is part of my state's standards. I have my students write for ten minutes to a picture prompt. I call it quiet ten. The students' writing stamina has really increased since I've been able to incorporate your picture prompts. I've noticed their use of descriptive adjectives has greatly improved, too. Thanks for putting all these outstanding educators' ideas together.

  17. Thank you for sharing Selena, I have found success with using your picture prompts as well!! My students love the spider car! That got a huge reaction from them; their descriptions were more vivid then ever. Even the most reluctant writers were motivated to respond! It was great working with you : )