A school is a place where you will spend 9 months collaborating and interacting with new people. Of course, it is very important that you will leave them a good impression as it would be an integral part on how they are going to perceive you as a person. Some people base their perceptions on how they interact with other people for the first time. Hence, it is always a good point to leave them with something good on your first day. So how are you going to do that?

First, make sure that you packed everything up.

Before your school officially starts, make sure that you already have everything you need. You would not want them to know you as someone who relies on your seatmate, right? Make them see that you are well-equipped with everything you need. Also, show them that you are ready no matter what. It is always a good impression to have as they can soon trust you with things related to school.

Second, choose a good style.

You do not need to grab their attention with your fancy clothes or fascinating shoes. Just make yourself simple but presentable. You do not have to by a set of new clothes. All you need are good clothes that can keep you going no matter what. If possible, stay away from a style that would be too distracting for your classmates. Just wear what is appropriate.

Third, be confident.

You have to be very careful when showing too much confidence as it may be mistaken as being arrogant. Show who you really are but be conservative with how other people may perceive it. Always remember to consider thinking how your classmates would feel when you talk to them in a certain way.

Fourth, act friendly.

Even if you do not know anyone inside a classroom, be they type of guy who is approachable and humble. Make sure that you show them how easy it is to interact with you. You do not need to impress all your classmates. Just make them feel comfortable talking to you. it would be good if you’ll be in good terms with most of your classmates.

And fifth, show diligence and interest.

Aside from your classmates, put effort on how you would be able to give a good impression to your teacher. You would be with him or her for the next few months. Therefore, consider him or her as someone to make your good impression with.  Pay attention to what he or she says and take down notes during discussions. Show eagerness with all the lessons.