If you are a parent, one of the hardest things to do is to keep your child calm on his or her first day in school. Many children are experiencing anxiety attacks the moment they enter their classrooms for the first time. Perhaps, they are being overwhelmed by the things around them. In most cases, these children find it hard to relax on the first day because they can feel fear and pressure that eventually lead to their loss of focus when learning. You would not want your child to be running back at home and start banging on your wooden garage door, right? Of course, you want your child to have his best memory of his first day in school. Here are some few tips on how you can lessen their nervousness on their first day.


This may sound very obvious but you have to prepare all the aspects of your child before sending him on his first day. Preparing them does not only mean assuring that he has all his school needs but it also means that he has to be equipped with the knowledge and skills he must have. Preparing does not also happen overnight. Prepare him for a week or so. This means that you can already make a sleeping schedule or routine so he does not have to adjust that much when the school year starts. Make sure to introduce him to his morning rituals so he would not need to rush.


If your child is already feeling stressed out, let him talk and explain his feelings and emotions. This would help him release any discomfort or anxiety that he may have. Make sure that you would listen to every word he says so that you would be aware of how he could possibly behave on his first day. If he feels that he would not be comfortable on his first day, give him pieces of advice on how he can relax himself. You may start talking to him with diplomacy. If you listen to their concerns, they wold be comfortable to tell everything to you.


As much as possible, find a way on how you can expose him to school even before his official first day comes. Find time to tour him around their campus so he would be familiarized with the school environment. Let him be comfortable with what he can see around so he would not feel scared when he you leave him alone.


Usually, your child would break down to tears if he feels unsafe or anxious. Of course, the best thing to do is to comfort him. If he starts to cry loudly, keep your own emotions together. Be more patient and more understanding. After all, your anger and annoyance will not make him stop or comfortable. Always remember to think of an effective way on how you could make him stop without making him feel more scared.

With all these tips in mind, your child would be ready to go to school anytime.